Youth Willingness to Purchase Whole Grain Snack Packs from New York City Corner Stores Participating in a Healthy Retail Program.

Corners stores in low-income communities are a promising setting to intervene in youth whole grain intake. One strategy that may encourage whole grain intake is if corner stores were to pair and sell whole grain snacks in combination with either a liked fruit or vegetable and an optional condiment (i.e., a whole grain snack pack). This study examined youth in terms of their (1) liking of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks; (2) perceptions about which fruits and vegetables pair best with whole grain snacks; and (3) willingness to pay for a whole grain snack pack. One-time intercept surveys were conducted with 10–18-year-olds (n = 402) who visited a New York City (NYC) corner store (n = 34) participating in the City Harvest Healthy Retail Program. On average, youth were willing to spend $2.38 (SD $4.32) on a whole grain snack pack. Higher overall liking scores for vegetables and whole grain snacks were associated with willingness to spend 24.4% (95% confidence interval (CI): 11.5–38.7%) and 21.6% (95%CI: 5.2–40.6%) more on whole grain snack packs, respectively. In conclusion, youth are receptive to purchasing whole grain snack packs from NYC corner stores participating in a healthy retail program.