Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

Under Review:

  • Leak, Gangrade, Setiono, Mudrak. Facilitators and Barriers to Selling Whole Grain Snack Packs in New York City Corner Stores Participating in a Healthy  Retail Program. Under Review
  • Leak, Gangrade, Tester. Facilitators and Barriers to Preparing and Offering Whole Grains to Children Diagnosed with Prediabetes: Qualitative Interviews with Low-Income Caregivers. Under Review
  • Tester, Leak. Increased Whole Grain Liking and Intake in Low-Income Youth with Prediabetes: A Food Delivery Pilot Study. Under Review
  • Fuster, Leak, Galitzdorfer. Barriers and Facilitators to Promoting Healthy Dietary Behaviors Among Hispanic Caribbean Populations: Dietitians’ Perspectives. Under Review

Textbook Chapters:

  • Larson, Stang, Leak (2016). Nutrition in Adolescence. In: Mahan LK, Escott-Stump S, Raymond JL, eds. Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process.

Policy Briefs:

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